Extended family cover plan covers extended family members from age 0 to 95 years.

Identify the benefit on the table below and proceed to complete the application form below.

Select the amount of benefit to cover yourself and your dependents. Click on the appropriate button below of R5000, R10000, R15000 or R20000. Note that the amount you select for your cover shall be the same amount for all your dependents.


“Our payment methods also include”

This method allows you to make use of the swipe method where you only need to swipe your bank card once and the payment will be set for the month following. please ask your representative or contact the office helpline to explain how you can make use of this payment method.

Easy pay allows you to pay cash at selected local stores such as shoprite, woolworths, boxer,etc. you will receive an easypay number which to use when making payments. please ask your represntative or contact the office helpline should you have queries on this behalf.